What Can You Expect After a Hip Replacement?


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After a hip replacement surgery, patients normally stay in the hospital for four to six days, and they can begin walking with an assistance device within several days of the procedure, according to WebMD. Patients continue to undergo physical therapy for several weeks to several months.

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What Can You Expect After a Hip Replacement?
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Approximately 85 percent of artificial hip replacements last at least 20 years, states WebMD. Immediately after surgery, patients may have a wedge-shaped device placed between their legs to keep the joint from moving, and a drainage tube is placed in the bladder. Patients normally begin physical therapy the day after surgery, with adaptive equipment and techniques to aid in recovery. A cane, a walker or crutches may be used for the first days of walking after the procedure.

Patients must avoid twisting or pivoting the leg connected to the hip replacement for six to 12 months, explains WebMD. They should also avoid squatting, bending and crossing the leg over the body's midline. Patients should minimize climbing stairs and avoid recliners, opting for a solid chair with a straight back. An elevated toilet seat is required to help patients avoid squatting to use the restroom, and individuals should remove rugs and clutter from the floor to avoid falls. Patients should consult a doctor before resuming activities such as driving and sex.

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