What Can You Expect After Groin Hernia Surgery?


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The recovery time for open inguinal hernia surgery, or groin hernia surgery, is around three weeks, according to WebMD. Most people undergoing this hernia surgery are able to leave the hospital the same day and resume light activity in around three weeks; strenuous exercise should be avoided for six weeks.

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Following open inguinal hernia surgery, patients are instructed to avoid doing anything that causes them pain, notes WebMD. Driving can resume in around two weeks, or when the patient stops experiencing groin pain. Sex can resume about three weeks after the procedure.

After surgery, swelling of the surgical incision is quite common and is not a sign of an unsuccessful surgery, advises WebMD. Positioning an ice pack on the area during the first day can help minimize the swelling. Still, patients should be on the lookout for signs of infection post hernia surgery, including a noticeably red or warm incision area, fever, bleeding through the bandage, and a hard or swollen testicle. These signs should be evaluated by a physician right away.

For most people, open inguinal hernia repair is a safe procedure, according to WebMD. The chance of a hernia recurring following the surgery ranges from 1 out of every 10 to 100 procedures.

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