How Can You Do Exercises to Reduce Back Pain?


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Regular exercise can alleviate back pain by increasing muscle strength and endurance, as well as facilitating the distribution of nutrients that muscle and connective tissues require to heal from an injury. Exercise also reduces the risk of suffering further injury by keeping discs, ligaments and joints healthy.

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Regular low-impact aerobic activity and exercise that does not place undue strain on the back is necessary to build strength and allow the muscles of the back to handle strain and function more efficiently. Swimming, walking and even stretching can all serve to alleviate active back pain, speed recovery times and reduce the risk of suffering from future injuries. A regular routine of lower-back exercise may also reduce the stiffness and muscle weakness commonly associated with injury.

Remaining as active as possible and making an effort to continue daily activities and routines are important concerns when recovering from an injury. Moderate activity and light exercise can speed the process of recovery while reducing pain and improving overall comfort. Although an initial period of rest may be needed after an injury, resuming activities and performing exercises that target the affected back muscles is almost always necessary to rehabilitate the spine and reduce the pain, tenderness and discomfort caused by injured muscle and connective tissue.

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