Can Exercise Help With Lower Back Problems?


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Exercise can help to relieve lower back pain and increase the patient's pain threshold. Mild exercises that focus on strengthening and flexibility can increase the patient's range of motion and decrease pain. A patient should perform exercise programs designed to alleviate lower back pain under the guidance of a medical professional to avoid further injury.

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Slow and gentle exercises that keep the body moving and active can help prevent re-injury, allow the patient to recover faster, and reduce potential disability in the muscles, bones and joints of the back. A patient may experience fear when approaching gentle exercises because of anticipated pain, but too little activity can lead to more pain and a loss of endurance, flexibility and strength.

Safe and simple stretches are recommended to relieve pain in the joints and back. A patient can lie on his back and raise his legs in a chair pose while resting his legs on an ottoman or chair to strengthen his spine or use a stability ball to improve flexibility of his back and body. Yoga poses are often recommended to improve balance and increase strength to support the spine. Squats can also help to reduce back pain and can increase a patient's ability to climb stairs without pain.

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