How Can I Exercise My Forearms?

How Can I Exercise My Forearms?

Exercising your forearms is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes a day. You will need barbells and dumbbells in weights you are comfortable lifting.

  1. Perform reverse barbell curls

    Use an overhand grip with your palms facing downward to grab the weighted barbell. Slowly and steadily raise the barbell. Do not use quick, jerking motions. The slow and deliberate motion helps build muscle. Do not move your torso while lifting the weights. Lower the barbell just as slowly, and repeat.

  2. Do palms-down wrist curls

    Allow your wrist to droop slightly so that your palms face the floor. Keep your hands in this position and grip two light dumbbells. Using your wrists, lift the weight upwards. Keep your forearms stationary throughout this entire process. Lower the weight back down with your wrists, and repeat.

  3. Work on palms-up wrist curls

    Adjust your wrists so that they are facing upwards with the dumbbells still in your hands. Moving only your wrists, curl upwards, and raise the weights. Again, your forearms should not move. Your palms should still be facing upwards once you have completed the curl. Lower the weight deliberately, and repeat.

  4. Repeat this circuit

    Repeat all of the forearm exercises until you are unable to continue. Keep track of your progress, and try to improve every time you perform the circuit.