Can Essential Oils Help With Psoriasis?


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Essential oils such as lavender, calendula and bergamot are often used as a treatment for psoriasis, according to HowStuffWorks. These oils are massaged into the skin after being mixed with a carrier oil.

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Essential oils are only one of many alternative treatments for psoriasis, explains HowStuffWorks. Herbal treatments, such as sarsaparilla, are also used to treat psoriasis. Others include psoralen corylifolia and coleus forskohlii. Hypnotherapy is often used when it comes to treating psoriasis, and it may help with pain control, healing and stress. Traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture, is also a treatment method that many choose when looking for a psoriasis treatment.

Nutritional therapy is also commonly used for psoriasis, states HowStuffWorks. Foods with nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium, vitamin A and zinc may be helpful. Cold-water fish oil or eating shrimp, mackerel, salmon or herring may also benefit those with psoriasis. Eliminating alcohol, animal products, wheat and acidic foods may also help. Hydrotherapy, such as bathing in warm water, bathing in water with minerals or even using a humidifier, has been shown to help those with psoriasis. If hydrotherapy is attempted at home, it is recommended that only warm, not hot water be used, and skin should be patted down to dry, not rubbed.

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