How Can You Ensure You Are Not Tricked by a Scam Artist on Dating Sites?

How Can You Ensure You Are Not Tricked by a Scam Artist on Dating Sites?

Online daters can avoid getting tricked by scam artists on dating sites by using an email address specifically created for online dating, not giving out their full name or home phone number and never sending money to a potential date. Online daters should also trust their guts when talking to potential dates.

Online daters can help protect their identities by creating separate email addresses to use for online dating. They should avoid using their full name or any personal contact information in their online dating email address. Using a separate email account also helps protect online daters from marketing scams, as any spam does not go to their personal email accounts.

Some scammers misrepresent themselves online in an attempt to extract personal information from people. Daters can protect their identities by keeping personal information such as home phone numbers, full names and home addresses private.

Some of the more serious scams involve scam artists who target online daters to take money from them or to get some cover for illegal activities. No matter how long they have been in contact, online daters should never send money to dates. Daters should also refrain from cashing checks or forwarding packages for people they have met online.

If someone sounds too good to be true, he or she probably is. Lack of important details, details that do not add up and calls at odd hours can be signs that a date is hiding something, such as a marriage or another identity.