Can Enough Force to the Torso Cause a Lung to Collapse?


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Penetrating or blunt injuries to the chest can cause a lung to collapse. Sometimes these events happen as a result of car crashes or physical assaults, while others take place as a result of medical procedures that involve a medical professional inserting a needle into the chest, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Can Enough Force to the Torso Cause a Lung to Collapse?
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Damaged lung tissue has a greater likelihood of collapse than healthy lung tissue. Underlying medical conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, can damage lung tissue to the point where collapse is more likely, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

People who require mechanical assistance to breathe can end up experiencing a severe form of lung collapse. When the ventilator causes an imbalance of air pressure inside the lung, the lung can collapse completely. As a result, the heart can end up experiencing so much compression that it cannot work correctly, according to Mayo Clinic.

Sometimes small air blisters, known as blebs, form on top of the lung. While this is not strictly considered a disease of the lungs, when these blebs burst, air can leak into the area surrounding the lungs. This leak can lead to partial or total collapse of the lungs, states Mayo Clinic.

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