How Can You Effectively Regulate Your Blood Sugar Level in the Morning?

Effective ways of regulating blood sugar levels in the morning include switching to a different medications, programming an insulin pump and taking insulin before sleeping, according to Everyday Health. Engaging in extra physical activities and eating a healthy snack before sleeping may also control blood sugar levels effectively.

Taking certain medicines at bedtime may affect the levels of blood sugar in the morning, notes Everyday Health. Medications such as metformin may aid in regulating blood sugar levels. A person who experiences high blood sugar levels in the morning should consult with a doctor before changing drugs.

With the help of a registered dietitian, the patient should ensure that he eats snacks that contain appropriate amounts of carbohydrates and protein, states Everyday Health. Staying physically active may help in maintaining the correct levels of blood sugar. A person who suffers from high sugar levels in the morning should seek medical assistance prior to taking basal insulin at night.

The patient should ensure that he checks his blood sugar before bedtime, advises Everyday Health. Going to sleep with high levels of blood sugar may be dangerous. Causes of extreme blood sugar levels in the morning include low levels of insulin in the body, the Somogyi effect and the dawn phenomenon. Blood sugar that increases from bedtime to morning may indicate that a person has waning insulin.