What Can You Eat on a Vinegar Diet Plan?


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The apple cider vinegar detox diet limits the dieter's food intake primarily to fruits and vegetables. This diet allows the dieter to eat light whole grain cereal on the first day and steamed or grilled fish on the first and second day.

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The apple cider vinegar detox diet eliminates toxins from the body as well as some excess weight. Breakfast on the first day of the diet consists of light whole grain cereal and fruit. Lunch and dinner on the first day consist of grilled or steamed fish and vegetables. The second day's meals include fresh fruit for breakfast, fresh vegetables or salad for lunch, and grilled or steamed fish and vegetables for dinner. On the third day, the dieter may only eat fruit for breakfast and vegetables for dinner. This diet works best when the vegetables and fruits are fresh and organic and when the dieter eats most of the vegetables. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables help prevent additional toxins from entering the dieter's system and allow the body to better purify itself. The apple cider vinegar diet requires the dieter to stay away from all caffeinated and sugary beverages and to only drink the apple cider vinegar mixture and plenty of fresh filtered or purified water.

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