What Can You Eat to Help Get Rid of Nausea?

Individuals suffering from nausea can eat small meals that consist of bland foods such as plain bread or crackers to ease the symptoms of the condition, as WebMD explains. Proteins and vegetables may also help ease the stomach pain associated with nausea.

Patients with nausea can ease the symptoms by eating baked chicken and fish, noodles, rice, potatoes or toast, according to MedlinePlus. Foods with high-water content, such as Jell-O, soups and Popsicles, may also help alleviate the symptoms of nausea. Patients should avoid eating three big meals, and they should consume six to eight small meals daily when nausea inhibits appetite.

People with nausea or vomiting should avoid fried, spicy and greasy foods as well as sweets to avoid upsetting the stomach, according to WebMD. Patients should avoid soft drinks and juices while seeking out broths, water and sports drinks instead when nauseated. Individuals suffering from nausea should eat meals slowly and rest with the head elevated after eating to help digestion.

Nausea symptoms may subside when eating in an environment free from odors or distractions that can upset the stomach, as recommended by MedlinePlus. Some patients choose to rinse their mouths with baking soda, salt solutions or water after vomiting to eliminate the sharp taste that remains. It may also help to suck on hard candies after rinsing out the mouth.