Can You Eat Nuts With Ulcerative Colitis?


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Because of the high fiber content, nuts are sometimes a problem food for people with ulcerative colitis, according to WebMD. However, each patient should try an elimination diet to see whether nuts and other specific foods have a negative effect on him personally.

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Can You Eat Nuts With Ulcerative Colitis?
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An elimination diet is a diet that determines what foodstuff causes a reaction, by separate withdrawing foods from the diet, states the Medical Dictionary. It is a good way to determine which types of nuts could present problems, as some patients with ulcerative colitis may react differently to foods than other patients. It may help to keep a food journal during an elimination diet, documenting any reactions. Any foods that bring on cramps or a trip to the bathroom should be avoided in the future.

In addition to high-fiber foods such as nuts, many people with ulcerative colitis report problems with fatty, greasy foods, milk products and alcohol, reports WebMD. It's best to bake or broil foods rather then fry them, and cooked vegetables are more tolerable than raw or slightly cooked ones. Good options for people with ulcerative colitis include low-fat foods, fish, eggs and tender, well-cooked meats. Soft, canned fruits can also be an acceptable food choice.

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