What Can I Eat to Make My Period Come Faster?

While women can take hormones or birth control in order to kick start a missed period, there are no home remedies that can make a period come faster, states WebMD. However, women may miss a period or have irregular periods due to several factors that can be affected by diet.

Among the more common causes of missed or irregular periods are poor dietary habits. Women who are severely overweight or underweight may experience difficulties with menstruation. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can be an effective way to gain a healthy weight and to maintain a regular menstrual cycle, advises WebMD. Any woman who has missed her period and who is sexually active should take a pregnancy test to ensure that this is not the cause of her missed period.

Women who exercise heavily, such as those involved in endurance sports such as marathon running, may also experience missed or irregular periods. If it becomes a major concern, these women may need to cut back on the amount of exercise that they take part in on a regular basis, states WebMD.

If women are unable to make their periods come through dietary and lifestyle changes, doctors may recommend hormones such as progesterone or birth control in order to force a period or get a woman back on a regular menstrual cycle, says WebMD.