What Can You Eat to Lower Blood Sugar?


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WebMD suggests eating oatmeal, broccoli, spinach, green beans, strawberries, lean meats, salmon, sparkling water and cinnamon to try to lower blood sugar. Avoid those foods, such as white bread, that turn almost instantaneously into sugar when they are digested. This causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly.

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What Can You Eat to Lower Blood Sugar?
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According to WebMD, plain, unsweetened oatmeal is a food that helps to control blood sugar. This carbohydrate converts to sugar at a steady rate, which not only helps to prevent blood sugar spikes but also helps to control the appetite. It is also high in soluble fiber. Another grain that may help to control blood sugar is barley. Try boiled pearl barley instead of white rice. Whole grains are better choices than refined grains. Green, non-starchy vegetables such as green beans, spinach and broccoli are low in carbs and rich in fiber.

Strawberries are a sweet treat that are low in natural sugar, which keeps blood sugar from spiking, explains WebMD. This healthy snack gives diabetics a way to indulge without consuming too many carbs. Salmon and lean meats are excellent for lowering blood sugar. Their lack of carbohydrates prevents blood sugar from rising an alarming amount and the low fat content keeps diabetics healthy.

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