What can you eat if your jaw is wired shut?


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Patients who had their jaw wired shut should eat soft foods for 6 weeks following surgery, according to Dr. Michael T. Murphy of Corbin Oral Surgery. Foods like yogurt, soft-cooked vegetables and ground meat, soup and pasta are ideal sources of nutrients and safe for consumption.

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Since chewing abilities are limited, foods that require very little to no chewing are recommended, according to the Montrose Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialist website. For some patients, it might be ideal to blend stews or spaghetti in a blender or cut pieces of soft foods into a smaller size so they're easier to eat. Avoid spicy foods to prevent stomach upset. Avoid crunchy and chewy foods or fruits and vegetables with seeds or tough skins. To ensure maximum nutrition, consider taking vitamins and adding nutritional drink supplements to the diet.

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