What Can You Eat on the Dr. Esselstyn Diet?


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The Dr. Esselstyn Diet involves eating a strict diet of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and non-dairy beverages. This regimen of supplements should also be taken: multivitamin, 1000 mcg B12, 1000 mg calcium, 1000 IU vitamin D, omega fatty acids, flax seed and cholesterol-lowering drugs, if needed.

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The foods to avoid on Dr. Esselstyn's Diet include anything with a face or a mother, such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt and milk are strictly prohibited, as are all oils and refined grains, including enriched flour products and white rice. Nuts are also not allowed, except for walnuts, which may be consumed only by those without heart disease.

The Esselstyn Diet is a heart-healthy diet known for preventing, as well as reversing, the effects of heart disease by removing cholesterol from the body. Tracking the progress of the diet with regular doctor visits for the first 8 weeks is important. A cholesterol profile helps gauge success and should be administered 3 to 4 times during this period. The goal as set forth by Dr. Esselstyn is to achieve a total blood cholesterol level of 150mg/dL or less. LDL levels should rest at 80mg/dL or lower.

As with any diet, it is essential for individuals to contact a doctor before starting the Esselstyn Diet. .

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