What Can You Eat After a Sleeve Gastrectomy?


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No food is allowed for the first day or two after a vertical sleeve gastrectomy so the stomach can begin to heal, advises Mayo Clinic. Liquids and foods are reintroduced slowly in four phases, with the patient resuming regular eating of foods with firm textures about three months after surgery.

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Foods included in phase one of the diet include broth, unsweetened juice, milk, strained cream soup and sugar-free gelatin. Two to 3 ounces of fluids are sipped at a time in the initial liquid phase that lasts for a few days. Phase two foods are pureed lean ground meats, beans, fish, egg whites, yogurt, soft fruits and vegetables, and cottage cheese, explains Mayo Clinic.

With medical approval, after a few weeks of pureed foods, phase three reintroduces soft, solid foods. Ground or finely diced meats, canned or soft fresh fruit, and cooked vegetables are eaten for eight weeks. In phase four, firmer foods are slowly added to assess tolerance. Extra attention is paid to signs of hunger and fullness, and observation of food intolerance and aversion is necessary, cautions Mayo Clinic.

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure removes an estimated 85 percent of the stomach, explains Healthline.The new, sleeve-like stomach, about the size of a banana, can hold between 2 to 5 ounces of food.

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