How Can I Ease Pain After Rotator Cuff Surgery?


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Following rotator cuff surgery, the best way to deal with pain is by taking prescription pain medications from the doctor, according to WebMD. It is best to speak with a doctor when you experiencing pain, as the medication may need to be adjusted.

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How Can I Ease Pain After Rotator Cuff Surgery?
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Following rotator cuff surgery, the arm may be in a sling during the recovery period, and physical therapy begins immediately, explains WebMD. As soon as the patient comes out of surgery, the wrist, elbow and hand should be flexed and exercised. The day following the surgery, a physical therapist typically assists the patient as the arm is put through its range of motion. Active exercise usually begins about six to eight weeks following surgery.

There are risks associated with rotator cuff surgery that should be considered before the procedure is done, claims WebMD. Infection, pain and damage to the deltoid muscle may occur. There is also the possibility that the surgery is unsuccessful and needs to be redone. Nerve and blood vessel damage are also possible, though they are uncommon. A rare risk of rotator cuff surgery is complex regional pain syndrome.

It is best to talk to a doctor to find out if this surgery is right, as some tears are too large to be fixed with typical rotator cuff surgery, states WebMD. Other tears are small, or the patient already has limited motion, so surgery is not necessary.

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