How Can You Ease a Bloating Stomach?

How Can You Ease a Bloating Stomach?

Eating certain herbs, taking over-the-counter gas relievers, using probiotics, and undertaking stress-reducing activities ease a bloating stomach, explains Everyday Health. To prevent bloating, do not eat while running, and chew food thoroughly, advises

When experiencing bloating problems, eating ginger speeds up digestion and aids in removing gas from the stomach, states Everyday Health. Other herbs that alleviate bloating include cinnamon, garlic, peppermint, chamomile and caraway. Basil, cumin and nutmeg may also reduce the symptoms.

Probiotics, which are microrganisms that normally live in the stomach, can exist naturally in foods, such as kimchi, buttermilk, sauerkraut and pickles, according to Everyday Health. Other probiotics include kefir, yogurt, tempeh and miso. Over-the-counter probiotics tend to work better than natural probiotics. Gas remedies available over the counter contain activated charcoal, simethicone or alpha-galactosidas, which speed up digestion.

Stress usually causes discomfort in the abdomen and muscular contraction of the colon, states Everyday Health. A nervous person is likely to experience constipation, gas or diarrhea, and in case diet doesn't cure the problems, yoga, meditation, an exercise to relax muscles, and counselling may help.

Limit zero-sugar foods, including candies and gums because they are not only indigestible but may also induce bloating, advises Cook vegetables before eating, and close the mouth while eating to ease digestion and avoid gas respectively.