Can an Ear Patch Cure Sea Sickness?


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As of 2013, MedlinePlus does not claim that a transdermal scopolamine patch cures sea sickness. It clarifies that the patch can prevent nausea and vomiting caused by sea sickness. Scopolamine ear patches prevent these symptoms for up to three days after the patch is administered.

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Can an Ear Patch Cure Sea Sickness?
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To correctly use a transdermal scopolamine patch to prevent symptoms of motion sickness, users apply a single patch to a dry, clean and hairless area behind the ear at least four hours before the onset of sea sickness is expected, according to MedlinePlus. Users need to wash their hands immediately after applying or removing the patch.

Patients should seek the advice of their doctor or pharmacist if they are allergic to scopolamine or any other drugs, or if they are taking any other medications at the same time, advises MedlinePlus. Additionally, individuals considering the use of transdermal scopolamine patches should seek the advice of a doctor if they are pregnant, have undergone recent surgery, or are subject to heart, liver or kidney disease. Possible side effects of scopolamine patches include drowsiness, disorientation, dry mouth, blurred vision and confusion. Individuals need to contact a doctor immediately if they experience eye pain, dizziness or an unnaturally rapid heartbeat after applying the patch.

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