Can Ear Drops Be Used to Treat a Clogged Ear?

can-ear-drops-used-treat-clogged-ear Credit: Frances Twitty/E+/Getty Images

Non-prescription ear drops can be used to treat clogged ears, notes WebMD. Inserting a few drops of readily available household consumables into plugged ears may also treat the condition.

People naturally produce earwax for protection against foreign particles, such as dust and pathogenic microorganisms. Aside from genetic factors, pushing the earwax further into the auditory canal can cause wax impactions, which further result in clogged ears. Over-the-counter ear drops, such as Debrox or Murine, can help soften, loosen and remove the hardened wax from the affected ear.

Individuals can also use an eyedropper to administer a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil or glycerin into clogged ears, suggests Healthline. This softens the impacted wax and enables it to naturally drain within a few days. If any of these substances prove unsuccessful, the application of hydrogen peroxide may provide a better solution in treating clogged ears.