Can a Dropped Bladder Be Fixed With Surgery?


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Surgery is an effective treatment for a dropped bladder, or vaginal prolapse, in severe cases, according to WebMD. The goal of surgery is to repair the bladder and secure it in place, closing the weakened area of the vaginal wall and strengthening it, usually with mesh. The Food and Drug Administration warns that placing mesh in the vaginal wall to repair pelvic organ prolapse may have more risks than benefits generally, but considers it appropriate in some cases.

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Childbirth is the most common cause of bladder prolapse due to the stress it places on vaginal tissue, states WebMD. Prolapse is also more common after menopause when the decrease in estrogen causes a weakening of the vaginal wall. An important step in preventing or managing a prolapsed bladder is drinking plenty of water and eating a fiber-rich diet to prevent constipation and straining during bowel movements. Heavy lifting and obesity may also weaken vaginal tissues; therefore, weight loss and avoidance of strain on the pelvis are important in the treatment of a prolapse.

The front of the vaginal wall helps hold the bladder in place, and weakening or loosening of this wall can cause the bladder to drop, or prolapse, through the wall into the vagina, explains WebMD. This protrusion can be mild or moderate, and in most cases, doctors attempt to treat it with nonsurgical methods when possible.

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