Can Drinking Tea Prevent High Blood Pressure?


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Research shows that green, black and oolong teas can help prevent high blood pressure by improving the functioning of the endothelial cells, according to WebMD. These teas contain flavonoids, which improve the tone of blood vessels and control body weight and abdominal fat.

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Can Drinking Tea Prevent High Blood Pressure?
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In a study to investigate the connection between tea drinkers and reduction of blood pressure, the findings show a reduction in blood pressure in regular tea drinkers, as expressed by WebMD. The participants had two to three points less in their daily systolic blood pressure level and two points less in their diastolic level. The teas lowered the blood pressure despite the fact that the participants had risk factors relating to heart disease such as obesity, high sodium intake, intake of fewer vegetables, smoking and alcohol consumption. Individuals may reduce blood pressure by adding herbs such as basil, cinnamon, cardamom and garlic in tea, reports Healthline.

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