Can I Drink Vinegar to Flush Out My System?

Apple cider vinegar contains several different properties that are ideal for cleansing out the system, explains Elizabeth Walling for Natural News. Many people use it for detoxification purposes.

Apple cider vinegar removes toxins and promotes good health in the body. It contains high levels of vitamins, enzymes and natural minerals, according to Walling. These substances are instrumental in helping the body get rid of the many toxins consumed daily. The acids that are present in apple cider vinegar work to bind the toxins. This allows the body to remove them from the system.

Apple cider vinegar also removes excess mucus from the body. It can keep the lymph nodes clean, which improves circulation. Keeping the lymphatic system healthy also aids in toxin removal and improves the immune system. The best way to use apple cider vinegar is to ingest it before meals. This enhances gastric health and makes the removal of toxins much more effective. When the body is able to get rid of the toxins quickly, it allows it to be more nourished. This is because the body has removed the toxins before they are given the chance to cause any damage. If you are going to use apple cider vinegar, buy the right type. The most effective apple cider vinegar comes in raw form and is not filtered or processed, notes Walling.