Where Can You Find a Downloadable Chinese Acupuncture Chart?


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Downloadable Chinese acupuncture charts are available at the Chiropractic Resource Organization and Acupuncture Products website. The charts can be viewed and downloaded in portable document format.

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Acupuncture is classified as a form of traditional Chinese medicine that originated 2,000 years ago. Throughout its long history, acupuncture has been studied and regarded as an alternative treatment for relieving symptoms manifested by certain ailments, including post-traumatic stress disorders, as stated by the University of California.

Acupuncture is a technique based on the fundamental Chinese concept of Qi, which is a life-giving force that flows through a distribution network in the body. To unclog constricted passages said to be the sources of various illnesses, acupuncture uses needles to pierce areas of the body to restore the flow of Qi. These particular locations are depicted in acupuncture charts.

The acupuncture charts provided by the Chiropractic Resource Organization have been put together by Frank M. Painter, a doctor of chiropractic medicine. The materials include an atlas of acupuncture points, a point location chart, a Korean hand acupuncture chart, an alarm points chart, a five elements chart, a Chinese auriculotherapy chart and a cardinal points of acupuncture chart. Acupuncture Products has a list of acupuncture books and the option to locate an acupuncturist included in its directory.

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