What Can Be Done to Treat Dementia?


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How someone treats dementia depends on the stage of the disease they are at, WebMD states. For example, when they are at the stage when it can be reversed, they may take certain vitamins and medications. However, when they cannot reverse it, the aim of treatment is to make life more comfortable.

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Someone who is in the reversible phase of dementia may be able to treat the cause, according to WebMD. This includes tackling vitamin B12 deficiencies with supplements, taking thyroid hormones for hypothyroidism, removing brain tumors, altering medications that lead to memory loss and treating conditions like AIDs and depression.

In contrast, when patients reach the stage where their dementia is non-reversible, they make the symptoms easier rather than curing the disease, WebMD claims. This includes using aids that allow the patient to live independently, and administering medications that improve the mood, behavior and mental functions. Some patients may also require counseling, especially if they are experiencing anxiety while the disease progresses. Friends and family may also offer emotional support, and can help them plan for the future as the disease progresses. Families also need to determine how their relative will manage their financial affairs, how much help they can provide and any legal considerations.

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