What Can Be Done to Alleviate Foot Swelling Caused by Diabetes?


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Since diabetic foot swelling is a result of poor blood circulation, getting blood sugar levels under control is the best way to deal with this and other complications, according to eMedicineHealth.com. Getting regular exercise, wearing comfortable, supportive shoes and avoiding elastic socks or hosiery can also help reduce swelling.

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When diabetes is not well-managed, complications such as swollen feet are more likely to occur, according to eMedicineHealth.com. Working closely with a health care professional, carefully monitoring blood sugar levels and sticking with a healthy diet and exercise regime are excellent ways to keep blood sugar levels within optimal ranges.

One in every five patients with diabetes who visit the hospital do so for foot-related problems, states WebMD. However, patients can play an important role in avoiding foot swelling and other issues. Some swelling is a result of infections, and foot infections are especially serious for diabetics. Diabetic patients should carefully check their feet each day to look for signs of infection, trim their toenails when necessary and use foot lotion to avoid dry, cracked feet.

Diabetic patients can also reduce foot swelling by limiting the amount salt in their diets, wearing compression stockings and elevating their feet above heart level for 15 minutes every day, advises eMedicineHealth.com.

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