Where Can You Find Doctors Who Specialize in Treating Vulvodynia?


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The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders, recipients of a grant from the National Vulvodynia Association, are facilities that specialize in the treatment of vulvodynia and other vaginal disorders. As of 2015, offices are located in Annapolis, MD, Washington, DC and New York, NY.

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Additional resources which can be used to locate a reputable vulvovaginal specialist or an urogynecologist in a particular area include calling the patient's insurance carrier or checking with the local hospital's referral line. Primary care doctors may also be able to offer suggestions.

Some home treatment options are available which may help to ease the discomfort until a specialist can been seen. These home remedies include wearing white cotton underwear with loose fitting clothing and discontinuing the use of scented products, notes MedicineNet. Oral antihistamines may also help.

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