What Can a Doctor Do to Treat Preeclampsia?


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The only way to treat the preeclampsia is to deliver the baby, so the doctor will have to monitor a person until the right time comes, as stated by the National Health Service (NHS). The doctor will tell the mother when she is required to visit the hospital for prenatal care. Sometimes, the mother may be admitted to the hospital to monitor the condition.

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The mother will need more blood tests and ultrasounds as part of monitoring the condition effectively and closely. This will continue until it is possible for delivery to occur. The right time can be the 37th or 38th week of pregnancy, as stated by the NHS. In severe cases, it may be earlier than expected. During delivery, labor may be induced, or the mother my have a cesarean section, giving birth through a cut in the abdomen. The mother may need medication to reduce hypertension while waiting for delivery.

The main cause of this condition is not yet known, but it is linked to problems with the placenta. Some cases of preeclampsia may cause no problems and improve once the baby has been delivered. However, some cases can pose greater risks that can affect both the mother and the baby. There is a risk of developing eclampsia, which is life threatening but rare, as stated by NHS.

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