What Can a Doctor Do About a Rash Around the Eye?

Treatment for a rash around the eye depends on the underlying cause of the rash. For minor rashes due to contact dermatitis, a doctor may prescribe a mild steroid cream, notes Skinsight.

Sometimes a rash around the eye area is caused by an allergic reaction or exposure to cosmetic irritants. Contact dermatitis and perioral dermatitis are examples. For contact dermatitis, a doctor may prescribe a steroid cream, whereas perioral dermatitis may be treated with antibiotics, according to Skinsight. At-home treatments for these minor conditions involve avoiding the use of cosmetics around the eye, and cleaning the eye area frequently. Patients should consult a doctor only if the condition persists after home care.

A stye is an inflammation caused by infection of an oil gland or a hair follicle on the eyelid. Initial symptoms of a stye include redness and irritation around the eye, as well the feeling that a foreign body is caught in the eye. A swollen bump also develops on the eyelid. For treatment, a doctor lances and drains the affected area, usually after applying a local anaesthetic, according to MedicineNet.com.

Cellulitis is a skin infection that sometimes appears on the face and around the eyes. This condition manifests as a patch of red, swollen and tender skin. A doctor usually prescribed oral antibiotics to treat cellulitis. In severe cases, intravenous antibiotics may be needed, notes Skinsight.