Can Your Doctor Prescribe a Medication to Help Your Bladder Empty Fully?


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Prescription medications sometimes prescribed to patients who cannot empty their bladders fully include bethanechol chloride, Urecholine, Prostigmin and neostigmine bromide, all of which are taken orally, as WebMD explains. In addition, neostigmine methylsulfate may be given by injection or intravenously to help with the condition.

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Physicians typically prescribe medication for underactive bladder, or failure to empty the bladder fully, only after first trying lifestyle changes. Recommended lifestyle changes may include scheduled urination, double voiding and keeping a urination diary, as well as avoiding foods that irritate the bladder, as the Urology Care Foundation states. Often, patients with underactive bladders are asked to use catheters, either several times a day or continuously, to maintain adequate voiding of the bladder.

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