Can Dizziness Be Something Serious?


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Dizziness can certainly be a sign of something serious such as a stroke, heart rhythm irregularity or iron-deficiency anemia, according to WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Healthline. Other symptoms of a stroke include weakness or numbness on one side of the body or face that strikes suddenly, says WebMD.

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With a stroke, there may also be sudden loss of vision, speech and strength that worsens over time, loss of balance, and a severe headache that can lead to a loss of consciousness, explains WebMD. A stroke is a medical emergency, and emergency services need to be called if the symptoms of a stroke are suspected.

The heart experiences atrial fibrillation when it beats irregularly and inefficiently, states Mayo Clinic. Episodes of atrial fibrillation may come and go, but the condition can lead to life-threatening complications if it is not treated. Other symptoms of atrial fibrillation besides dizziness are palpitations, weakness, tiredness, confusion and chest pain. Shortness of breath and an inability to exercise are also symptoms.

In iron-deficiency anemia, the person's red blood cell levels are lower than they should be, notes Healthline. It is the most common type of anemia; iron-deficiency anemia is caused by blood loss through menstruation or childbearing, the inability to absorb iron and poor diet.

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