How Can You Get Diverticulosis Pain Relief?


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To achieve pain relief from diverticulosis, patients should increase the amount of fiber in their diet to prevent constipation and take over-the-counter pain medications, according to MedlinePlus. Some patients with severe stomach pain may need to take anti-spasmodic drugs, adds MedicineNet.

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Diverticulosis is a medical condition in which sacs form out of the colon wall when the colon works too hard during digestion and elimination, claims MedicineNet. Researchers believe that the sacs form as a result of the increased thickening of the intestinal muscular wall. Some patients may develop diverticulosis as a result of another medical condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome, that creates irritation in their digestive system. Diverticula, or the sacs along the colon, are more commonly found in people over the age of 40.

Diverticulitis is a more serious condition in which a diverticulum breaks open and becomes infected, notes MedlinePlus. Diverticulosis is milder than diverticulitis because individuals with diverticulosis may not have any symptoms or their symptoms can be moderate. Although both medical conditions present the same symptom of constipation, symptoms of diverticulosis include less severe stomach cramps and bloating. Patients with diverticulitis experience other intense symptoms such as fever, nausea and chills. Generally, diverticulosis might not require treatment, whereas individuals with diverticulitis may need hospitalization, antibiotics or surgery, states MedicineNet.

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