How Can I Dissolve Kidney Stones?


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To dissolve kidney stones, a person can make dietary changes, hydration changes and take prescription medications. Visiting a doctor for a professional opinion is recommended in addition to home treatments.

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How Can I Dissolve Kidney Stones?
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Kidney stones often form when patients have a low amount of calcium and magnesium present in their diet. This is because calcium oxalate stones need calcium in order to stop stones from forming. Unbound oxalate is easily absorbed by the body's intestinal tract when magnesium and calcium levels are low, thus leading to more oxalate in the urine and to the formation of kidney stones.

People who have had a kidney stone in the past or who currently have a kidney stone should drink 64 ounces of water each day. This will also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, which is often a cause of struvite kidney stones. Dietary changes will be made based on the laboratory test results and the composition of the kidney stone. Often the dietary restrictions chosen for patients are meat products and table salt, as well as increasing a patient's daily fiber intake. Some people will need prescription medications to aid in the process of dissolving the kidney stone. These medications will need to be prescribed by the doctor.

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