Can You Dislocate a Rib?

can-dislocate-rib Credit: UIG via Getty Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

A dislocated rib is a painful medical condition in which one end of the rid dislodges itself from the socket that connects it to the spine or breastbone, according to the Online Medical Network. A dislocated rib requires immediate medical attention to avoid further complications.

Physical trauma, such as a sports injury, often causes dislocated ribs, explains the Online Medical Network. Symptoms include sharp pain in the chest or back, bruising and swelling. Some may even hear a "pop" at the time of impact. A doctor typically performs an X-ray or MRI to rule out the possibility of other injuries. A dislocated rib is capable of healing on its own, but a doctor may administer anesthesia and move the bone back into place if the dislocation is severe.