Where Can You Find a Diagram of a Cochlear Implant?


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Diagrams for cochlear implants can be found on various medical websites, including KidsHealth and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) website. These diagrams label all of the parts of the cochlear implant, show how they are located in relation to the rest of the ear and explain how the cochlear implant works. Cochlear implants are one option for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, states the NIDCD.

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Cochlear implants have both internal and external parts. The transmitter, speech processor and microphone are all on the outside of the person's head, to the top and slightly behind the ear. These three parts work together to take the sounds from the environment, filter and arrange them and then convert them to electrical impulses the receiver can handle.

The internal parts of the cochlear implant include the electrode tray and the receiver/stimulator. The receiver takes the impulses from the transmitter and sends them to the electrode tray where they are used to stimulate parts of the auditory nerve, which results in the person being able to hear the sounds. The receiver/stimulator is located directly under the transmitter, and the electrode tray is in the inner ear. The cochlear implant does not fully restore hearing, according to the NIDCD.

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