How Can Diabetics Prevent the Formation of Boils?

Diabetics can try to prevent boils from forming by using antibacterial soap when showering and keeping areas prone to boils clean and dry, according to Prevention. They should also avoid wearing tight clothing that prevents the skin of the groin, buttocks, neck and armpits from breathing.

Diabetes makes people more likely to develop boils, notes Cleveland Clinic. For this reason, diabetics should avoid contact with people who have an active boil, carbuncle or a staph infection. They should not reuse washcloths or towels and should wash their hands with antibacterial soap regularly. Diabetics should also wash any clothing or linens that come into contact with a boil or carbuncle in hot water and dry on high in a dryer, according to The University of Texas at Austin University Health Services.

If a diabetic notices a small bump at a hair follicle, he can use a warm compress to open the pore and help drain any infection, explains Prevention. He also should skip shaving any areas that appear irritated.

Diabetics with a boil on their skin should call their doctors for treatment instructions, notes Cleveland Clinic. Boils are pea- to golf ball-sized red lumps on their skin. They may also discharge clear fluid or have a head that erupts to release pus. Most boils are painful and swollen to the touch. If the boil spreads, it creates a carbuncle.