How Can Diabetics Lower Their Blood Glucose Level?


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Diabetics can naturally lower blood glucose levels through diet and exercise, according to Healthline, but many patients also require medications such as insulin to lower blood sugar levels. Diabetics need to consume foods low on the glycemic index and exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.

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Diet is one of the primary means for diabetics to lower glucose levels, notes Healthline. The glycemic index, referred to as the GI, identifies foods containing carbohydrates that are likely to increase blood sugars. White rice, white bread and popcorn are examples of high GI foods that diabetics should avoid and replace with low GI foods such as stone-ground wheat, non-starchy vegetables or beans.

Diabetics can also consume foods such as barley and unsweetened oatmeal that are high in soluble fiber, which slows digestion and can help control blood sugar and facilitate weight loss, explains WebMD. Lean cuts of meat are another valid option, as they do not affect blood sugar to the extent of carbohydrates. Meat contains a mineral called chromium that enables insulin to function efficiently and aids the metabolization of carbohydates.

Regular exercise is also useful in lowering glucose levels, states Healthline. Measuring blood glucose prior to and after a workout demonstrates how effective exercise can be in lowering glucose. Diabetics should always consult a physician regarding medications such as injectable insulin that may be necessary to lower blood sugars.

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