How Can a Diabetic Use a Weekly Meal Planner?


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A diabetic can use a weekly meal planner to choose foods that keep blood sugar in check and to prevent overeating, according to the magazines EatingWell and Prevention. Diabetics following the meal plans can decrease body fat, increase energy and reduce diabetes risk.

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How Can a Diabetic Use a Weekly Meal Planner?
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The EatingWell meal plan is designed by nutrition and culinary experts and offers nutritionally balanced and delicious meals for diabetics, according to the magazine. Diabetics can use a tool on the magazine's website to find out the right calorie level for them and adjust the menu planner to their caloric needs. The foods in the diet plan do not have refined grains and have limited added sugars, and the meals are also planned to keep blood sugar in check by limiting carbohydrate servings. Some foods included on the plan are cereals, fruit, hummus and steak.

Prevention's meal planner is based on The Outsmart Diabetes Diet, which incorporates fiber, vitamin D, omega-3's and calcium to balance blood sugar, as the magazine explains. A diabetic chooses from a list of foods one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner meal as well as two snacks. The diet plan is based on a 1,400 calorie diet and allows its participants to eat every three hours to practice portion control. Foods in the diet plan include oatmeal, chicken salad and fruit.

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