How Can a Diabetic Relieve Neuropathy Foot Pain?


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Maintaining optimal blood sugar levels, a regular walking program, warm baths, B vitamin supplementation and capsaicin cream are effective treatments for the pain of diabetic neuropathy in the feet, reports WebMD. Alpha-lipoid acid, in daily doses of 600 to 1,200 milligrams, reduces numbness and burning in the feet of diabetics.

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Regulating blood sugar levels coupled with a consistent exercise program may help reverse some of the nerve damage in diabetics, according to WebMD. A study showed that regular walking not only prevented diabetic neuropathy, it also helped to prevent further damage in those individuals in whom neuropathy was already present. Additionally, pain tolerance levels are often increased by exercise. Wearing comfortable shoes with socks that are padded at the heel and ball of the foot is recommended.

One study showed that capsaicin cream, made from hot chili peppers, improved nerve pain in over two-thirds of individuals, states WebMD. Studies are mixed on the pain relieving effectiveness of B vitamins, but supplementing the diet with B-1, B-12, B-6 and folic acid does relieve pain in some diabetics. Two studies show that the omega-6 fatty acid-rich evening primrose oil may help repair damaged nerve cells and facilitate growth in diabetic neuropathy. Studies show that oils from flowers, such as geranium and lavender, are effective nerve pain relievers and relaxants.

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