Can a Diabetic Have Fruits for Breakfast?


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People who have diabetes can have fruit for breakfast, according to WebMD. Not only are fruits a great way to help control the carbs a person has during breakfast, they also have fiber, which helps a person's body control blood sugar.

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The most-important thing to consider when planning a breakfast that contains fruit for a diabetic is to manage the proper amounts of carbohydrates and protein in the meal, states WebMD. Controlling these things helps set the tone for future meals throughout the day by helping to manage one's weight. Depending on a person's specific caloric needs, the average amount of carbs a breakfast should have should measure between 30 and 45 grams. These carbs should come less from refined sources, such as white toast and pancakes, and more from natural sources, such as fruits and whole grains.

For sources of protein, a person could focus on egg whites, Greek-style yogurt, nuts, reduced-fat cheese and low-fat meats, such as Canadian bacon, states WebMD. Some fruits and whole-grain products also contain smaller amounts of protein, which people should remember to include in their diet plans. Additionally, a good breakfast should include less saturated fats, as people with diabetes are at increased risk of developing heart disease.

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