How Can a Diabetic Check Blood Glucose Levels?


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Diabetics can check their blood glucose levels at home through two simple methods: a urine test and directly through a blood test, which involves pricking a finger to draw a drop of blood, according to WebMD. Urine testing is easier, but blood testing is more accurate.

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When a person has diabetes, the body doesn't regulate blood glucose levels, so the individual has to check the levels on a consistent basis to determine treatment, states WebMD. Urine- and blood-testing home kits make such consistent testing convenient. The urine test is the easier of the two to perform; for the squeamish, there is no need to draw any blood. The kidneys flush out excess glucose levels from the body, making it possible to determine if blood glucose levels are too high by testing the urine. Strips or tablets are dipped in the urine, and they change color if the glucose levels are too high.

Blood testing is much more accurate, however, stresses WebMD. Home kits make this type of testing a relatively easy process also. A spring-operated "lancet" is used to prick the end of a finger and draw a drop of blood that is placed on a chemically coated strip or a small portable machine that reveals the glucose level in the blood. A physician recommends the amount of times to conduct these tests according to the individual's condition.

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