How Can You Get Free Diabetes Kits?

It is possible to order a free Everyday Wisdom diabetes kit off the website, states the American Diabetes Association. This kit is for children and families with Type I diabetes and is available for free due to a grant from Lilly. Other organizations that make diabetes products such as Accu-check offer free glucose meters, states Accu-Check.

In order to receive the Everyday Wisdom kit, customers have to fill out a survey on, reports the American Diabetes Association. It asks for the parent's information such as name, address and ways to contact the family. It also asks for the child's name, gender and birth date. The child's diagnosis date, ethnicity and information about the program are also on the survey.

The diabetes kit comes with multiple tools to assist families with children living with Type I diabetes such as a guide for parents and the child, a card game and a diabetes dictionary. It also comes with a medical ID necklace and a refrigerator magnet that contains emergency contact information, notes the American Diabetes Association. The kit comes in a reusable lunch bag and also contains information about American Diabetes Association programs such as Diabetes Camp and Safe at School.