How Can You Detox With Epsom Salt?

How Can You Detox With Epsom Salt?

Use epsom salts to detox by mixing the perfect amount into a warm bath and sitting in the water, according to Salt Work and Natural News. Epsom salt is an excellent detox agent that can be absorbed into the skin and provide magnesium and sulfates that the body desperately needs.

Following these steps will result in a relaxing detox experience with epsom salts:

  1. Gather the salts
  2. Purchase the salts from a health store or an online store. The epsom salt can be purchased in bulk to make the whole process more cost effective. Look for epsom salt retailers who specialize in salt.

  3. Make the perfect mix
  4. The perfect mix of epsom salt to bath water will depend on the amount of water in the bath, but according to Doctor Oz, 2 to 3 cups of epsom salt is the right amount for a regular sized tub. Epsom salt is not dangerous, so feel free to add more than the recommended amount if muscles are particularly sore. Once the salt has been poured in, stir the water and the salt together so that it will dissolve.

  5. Sit in the bath and relax
  6. The final step is to simply get in the bath and relax. Let the epsom salt work its magic and help promote health within the body.