How Can You Detox Your Body Naturally?


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It is possible to detox your body naturally by eliminating certain foods and chemicals and replacing them with natural, whole foods and healthy living, according to About.com. Certain physical activities combined with these lifestyle changes can help reach detoxification goals.

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  1. Incorporate fresh produce

    Adding a range of whole foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables, to a daily diet is the first step to naturally detoxifying your body. A creative way to add these foods is to incorporate them into smoothies.

  2. Eliminate toxins

    There are chemicals found in many foods that should be eliminated in to detox effectively. Foods such as soy, gluten, dairy, meat and shellfish all potentially contain inflammatory properties that can hinder the success of a cleanse, states About.com. Consuming these items in moderation or removing them entirely can be beneficial. Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided to promote the best health.

  3. Sweat it out

    Finally, it is beneficial for the body to force out toxins through the sweat glands. Through exercising and visiting a sauna, water-soluble toxins can be flushed out of the body, which also helps in reducing fat, notes About.com. Be sure to drink plenty of water to ensure proper hydration. Drinking adequate water also aids detoxification by flushing the toxins through elimination.

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