How Can You Determine Which Pill Dissolves the Fastest?

It is possible to determine which of a set of pills dissolves the fastest by using vinegar, which can represent human stomach acid. This demonstration can be used in a science class or by students as a class project. Items needed are three to five different types of pills, a timer, vinegar and beakers, as explained by TeachEngineering, a digital library funded by the National Science Foundation.

Use the following steps to measure which pill dissolves the fastest.

  1. Fill the beakers
  2. Fill each beaker half full with vinegar so that there is one beaker for each pill.

  3. Place one pill in each beaker
  4. Place one pill in each beaker and start the timer.

  5. Observe the beakers
  6. Check each beaker every few minutes to see if there has been a change in color or whether the pill has dissolved.

  7. Record the time
  8. A pill is considered fully dissolved if the vinegar is clear and there is nothing left of the pill. Record this time, and compare each time to determine which pill dissolved faster.