How Can I Find Dentists Who Take Medicaid?

How Can I Find Dentists Who Take Medicaid?

To find dentists who take Medicaid, locate the dental section in your Medicaid policy handbook. Open an Internet browser, enter your state's Medicaid URL, and consult the dental section.

  1. Read the dental section of your state Medicaid policy book

    Open your Medicaid policy book to the dental section, and look for a website address or a case worker phone number for the policy.

  2. Search the Medicaid website for dentists

    Locate the Medicaid website search field, enter "dentists taking Medicaid", and hit Return.

  3. Review search results

    Scroll through the search results of dentists who take Medicaid. Click on the link for a preferred dentist.

  4. Call Medicaid and speak to a case worker if no Internet is available

    Find the Medicaid assistance phone number in the policy book. Call this number, and ask to speak to a representative who specializes in dental coverage with Medicaid policies.

  5. Ask for a list of dentists who take Medicaid

    Give the Medicaid specialist the region in which to find a dentist. Write down the names and phone numbers of the dentists the Medicaid specialist provides.

  6. Call the dentist and confirm

    Call the dentist number provided through the state Medicaid website or from the Medicaid specialist to confirm that the dentist accepts Medicaid dental policies.