Where Can You Find Dentists Who Take Delta Dental HMO?

can-dentists-delta-dental-hmo Credit: Dean Mitchell/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Patients can locate dentists who take Delta Dental HMO insurance using the Delta Dental provider search feature on the website. Patients must select DeltaCare USA, Delta's health maintenance organization, or HMO, their location, and the distance the patient is willing to travel.

Other search options include the dentist's gender, specialty and languages spoken. Patients who need extended office hours can search for dentists with early morning, evening or weekend availability. Delta also allows patients to search for a specific dentist by entering the dentist's last name or the name of the clinic.

Patients with the Delta HMO, or pre-paid plan, must select a primary dentist to provide most of their care and provide referrals if specialty care is needed. These plans have set co-payments for treatments and procedures rather than a deductible that patients pay out-of-pocket. Many preventative services are free of charge to the patient and most plans do not have a maximum benefit.

Patients may opt to see a dentist outside of the Delta network. However, they may be responsible to pay some or all of the bill.

Delta Dental also offers preferred provider organization, or PPO, plans. Under these plans, patients pay coinsurance, or percentage of the bill. The percentage varies based on the type of service. For example, the coinsurance, or amount the patient must pay, for preventative care may be 20 percent while crowns may be 50 percent.