Where Can You Find a Dentist That Accepts Medicare and Medicaid in Rhode Island?


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For those enrolled in Medicaid, as opposed to Medicare, a good resource for finding dentists is the state's Health and Human Services website. Medicare in Rhode Island does not cover dental services. Medicaid and Medicare are separate entities, although they are often confused due to their similar names.

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Three Medicaid programs are active in Rhode Island, all of which provide different degrees of dental coverage. The Rite Smiles program is the Medicaid program for minors born after 2000, and it provides more coverage than the program for adults and older minors. The Medicaid-based mobile dental services for adults only applies if the adult has been living in a nursing home for over 45 days. The Health and Human Services website provides a search for Rite Smiles providers and .pdf lists of dental providers in English and Spanish.

For patients enrolled in Medicare or for adults on Medicaid who need a dental procedure that is not covered, the Rhode Island Department of Health provides a website for finding free or low-cost dentistry. In addition, the Donated Dental Services, also known as the Rhode Island Foundation for Dentistry for the Handicapped, is dedicated to providing oral health care to the state's disabled residents.

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