Can You Delay Menstruation With Home Remedies?

Although there is no solid evidence that proves that a woman can naturally delay her period, there are various methods that are rumored to naturally delay menstruation. You can delay menstruation with home remedies that include eating spicy food and drinking a combination of vinegar and seltzer water; however, according to BoldSky, delaying your period through any method can lead to hormonal imbalances, so it is not a practice that is recommended by health professionals.

Delayed periods can lead to accidental pregnancies, mood swings and weight gain. The female body is naturally designed to menstruate every 28 to 31 days, and menstruation slowly diminishes at the onset of menopause.

Many women experience irregular menstrual cycles, leading to two periods per month. The same home remedies that are used to delay menstrual periods can also be utilized to regulate menstrual cycles. Additional home remedies for regulating the menstrual cycle include eating fried gram lentils, incorporating vigorous exercise into your daily routine and taking hormone supplements. However, irregular menstrual cycles often point to an underlying condition, so it is always best to consult with a health professional before attempting to regulate your period on your own.

Birth control pills and hormone supplements naturally regulate the menstrual cycle, allowing for delayed periods in certain individuals. The Health Site warns that this is not a foolproof method of birth control and there may be side effects including nausea or hot flashes. In order to obtain birth control pills, a medical examination with a licensed medical professional is required.